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Here at HMJ Trailers we specialise in Tiny House On Wheels Trailers.

We customise each trailer to suit your needs.
Tiny House On Wheels Trailers range up to 4.5T,  3.4 m wide x 12m length.
All our trailers come with 12 months warranty.

Tiny House Trailer Build for Humaneity

It all started today Monday March 13th. Mathew Walters from HMJ Trailers in Morayfield, Brisbane has cranked out the first part of the trailer for the Helensvale State High School Tiny House project.

Mathew said today, ‘ It will take me about a week to finish the trailer by the time I receive the remainder of the parts’.

Nestled away in a small industrial estate on the north side of Brisbane, Mathew is becoming a bit of a ‘guru’ on Tiny House trailer building. He calmly explain to us today the differences between dual axle and tri axle trailers and how the weight distribution is important for Tiny House building.

Mathews customer come from near and far, and he is see’s an increasing trend of people wanting to build their own ‘house on wheels’. After the widespread appear of television shows featuring tiny houses coupled with many people’s ambitions to create more affordable housing solutions the Tiny House market in Australia is surely about to explode much like it has in the USA.

The Helensvale State High School project that is being managed by the Australian headquartered not for profit organisation, Humaneity is the first of it’s kind in a high school in Australia. Humaneity Founder, and CEO Mark Philpott says, ‘  We are extremely grateful to all of the commercial partners who have jumped on board to collaborate with us on this project.  We have over 30 wonderful company’s partnering with us to ensure that the Tiny House we are building will be of the highest quality and standards.

Once HMJ trailers has completed the building of the trailer it will travel to Helensvale State High School which is located at the north end of Australia’s Gold Coast. The remainder of the Tiny House will be constructed at the school where students, parents, and local community members will come together to create a true positive impact for the community.

It is intended that the Tiny House will be used for a Community purpose to offer some kind of transitional housing for those in need.